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Jasmine - Co-Founder, Director, Chef, & Child Nutrition Consultant

(The creative fairy)





Having spent 15 years in education and working with children and their families, Jasmine naturally gravitated to creating a fun and healthy way for children to start their eating journey from the word "go"! Having seen too many lunch boxes filled with junk, and seen the benefits of starting healthy eating habits from early on in childhood, Jasmine set out on a mission to establish affordable and efficient ways for moms and caregivers to provide nutritious and delicious meals for their children.

Louise Parry - Co-Founder, Director, Operations & Project Extraordinaire

Stopping the creative fairies from flying away!

Spending most of her life between the UK and India, Louise has taken root in Dubai. Working as a project director for brand events she knows how to hot step an operational journey to match leading luxury standards.


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